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[Buy 1 Free 1] Katsuo Stamina Qc Stamina Quick Charge Energy Booster (30g - Exp:Aug/21)

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Product Description

QC Stamina is a fast-absorbing, high quality protein supplement which protect muscles and sustain body energy to maximize endurance. Consuming protein has always been a debatable subject but with QC Stamina, runners have a nutritious supplement containing collagen, branched-chain amino acids, and other nutrients. Easy to digest and quick to replenish. Reduces musculoskeletal injuries. Improves immunity. Increases energy. 

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肌鲣强最新研制的蛋白质赛中补给包(简称“赛中包”)解决跑者们吃不上“肉”的痛点。赛中包是亲和人体配方的赛中营养补给,配合胶原蛋白,支链氨基酸和其他相关的十多种营养成分,其特点第一就是提供快速吸收,同时补充全面营养的综合蛋白质,以保护肌肉为身体提供充足的能量,提升运动能力。 赛中包三大特点:- ① 亲和人体配方 – 易消化吸收,胃部没有负担,不影响比赛表现。 ② 供能氨基酸组合 – 提供合成能量的关键氨基酸组合激发强悍能量,让体力拥有马达般动力。 ③ 胶原蛋白 – 保护双腿,巩固筋腱防止损伤。

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