Here, we have collated some of the most common questions we receive about High5 products. Please scroll down to try and find the answer to your question. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please feel free to CALL 016 2133 403


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Sodium Content

 EnergySource Citrus – per 100g – Sodium = 510mg
Isotonic Citrus – per 100g – Sodium = 760mg
EnergySource – per 47g serving – Sodium = 240mg
ZERO – per tab – Sodium = 260mg

 You can also increase the electrolyte content by adding a tablet of ZERO Neutral (or any other flavour) to the drink which would give you an additional electrolyte content of:

 200mg SodiumZERO Range
56mg magnesium
70mg Potassium
9mg Calcium
Trace Chloride

 Daily Sodium intake

 Recommended allowance – no more than 2300mg per day. During exercise or in hot weather where sweat rates are high, the amount of salt/sodium required might be higher.

 Potassium level in ZERO and ZERO X’treme

 There is 70mg potassium per tablet in ZERO and ZERO X’treme. EnergyGel is close to 0mg potassium per sachet.

EU legislation prohibits nutrition labelling of minerals below 15% RI (Reference Intake) per serving.

 What’s the difference between EnergyGel and IsoGel?

 The answer is: water content.

We made IsoGel purposely a lot less viscous than the EnergyGel as some prefer to take the gel and without necessarily needing to have water afterwards to rinse the mouth out. However, some athletes prefer EnergyGel as it is a lot thicker, smaller and can carry more.


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Statins and Grapefruit content

 The grapefruit content will be minimal in comparison to say a glass of grapefruit juice. Our non-grapefruit flavour ZERO tablets have no grapefruit in them.

If you are sensitive to grapefruit then we suggest using the ZERO Grapefruit tablets with of caution. If you are unsure of your level of tolerance, please consult you doctor and try the product as a weak mix first and then steadily increase the dosage, whilst ensuring no ill effects are felt.

 Nut Allergy

 The following bars contain nuts as an ingredient:

4:1 Bar, EnergyBar Peanut and EnergyBar Chocolate Orange (Wiggle exclusive).

There are nuts used on the same production line but we currently see the cross contamination risk as low. However, we cannot completely guarantee that the bars will be completely nut free.

 Are there any allergens in High5 products?

 We take great care to keep High5 products free of unnecessary ingredients and allergens. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid all allergens.

If you are allergic to certain ingredients then please check the ingredients list on the product pages. Any allergens are highlighted in bold.

 Are High5 products gluten free / treating coeliac disease?

 We do not use any gluten containing ingredients in:

ZERO; EnergySource; EnergySource Plus; EnergySource X’treme; EnergySource 4:1; Protein Recovery; EnergyGel; EnergyGel Plus; IsoGel; IsoGel Plus and ProteinBar.

We have gluten containing ingredients in:

EnergyBar; 4:1 Training Bar (High content) and SportsBar (High content). Please avoid products with a high gluten content if you are gluten intolerant.

EnergyBars contain oats which are not certified as gluten free, there is a small risk they could therefore be cross contaminated with other cereal as is the case with all uncertified oats. The random testing we have completed on Energy Bars has shown gluten levels to be below the gluten free threshold set for the EU of 20 parts per million. In particular EnergyBar Peanut has a low oats content.

The Maltodextrin we use in our products is sourced from corn.

 Are High5 products suitable for Diabetics (Type 1 and 2)?

 Unfortunately we cannot provide a definite answer on this as this is a medical condition and you should consult your doctor about it. If you are diabetic and trying High5 products for the first time then we recommend you do so in a controlled environment and with medical supervision.

 Are High5 products suitable for vegetarians and vegans? 

 All High5 products are approved by the Vegetarian Society, meaning they are all suitable for vegetarians.

Most High5 products are also suitable for vegans except for:

Protein Recovery; EnergySource 4:1 and ProteinBar.

 How much lactose is there in your Whey Protein?

 Lactose in our Whey Protein Isolate is typically 0.4% +/- 0.2 (max 1.0%). This will give you the following values in our products:

 EnergySource 4:1 – 19.5g Whey 

Lactose – Less Than 0.195%*
*Lactose varies between 0.039% and 0.117% (typically 0.078%)

 Protein Recovery – 29.5g Whey

 Lactose – Less Than 0.295%*
*Lactose varies between 0.059% and 0.177% (typically 0.118%)


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Are High5 products ok for children?

 Yes, most High5 products are suitable for children to take – the exceptions being products containing caffeine.

EnergySource X’treme has a high caffeine content and is not suitable for children. EnergySource Plus; EnergyGel Plus; IsoGel Plus and ZERO X’treme are not recommended for children.

In fact we think ZERO can be a great way to get kids to drink more water (instead of sugary drinks)!

 Is High5 safe for pregnant women? 

 Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy!

Secondly, yes our products are safe to take during pregnancy. However, we would recommend caution when taking caffeine products and look to limit the intake where possible.

EnergySource X’treme and ZERO X’treme contain a high level of caffeine so extra caution is advised for these products. If you are unsure about any ingredient then please check with your doctor first.


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Can I mix the drinks the night before?

 High5 drinks do not contain any preservatives. Therefore it should be consumed soon after mixing. If you mix it the night before, we recommend storing the mixed drink in the fridge overnight.

 Will ZERO help fuel me over 2 hours?

 We have this question a lot. Our ZERO products focus on hydration and rehydration. This is not a fuelling product.
If you wish to take on fuel for exercise over 2 hours then you need to look at our EnergySource; EnergySource Plus; 4:1 or EnergySource X’treme products.

 Testing the product before Race Day

 Try to simulate the Race day conditions, distance and setup, if possible. It is important to allow sufficient time, before your event, to adjust your strategy if the trial isn’t as successful as you planned.

 Can I mix ZERO with other products?

 ZERO Neutral was designed to mix with other products, whether that’s your favourite supermarket drink (to make it into a sports drink) or an existing sports drink (to increase the electrolyte content).

There is no reason why ZERO can’t be mixed with another drink if you like the taste!


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