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Go 26% Further with No Additional Training

By following the HIGH5 Nutrition Guides on the day of your next event, you could ride 26% further, at the same speed, with no additional training.

In a 2012 test run by independent sports scientists and featured in Cycling Weekly, cyclists were asked to ride a 60 mile Sportive as quickly as possible. If they had anything left, they were then required to continue as far as possible matching their 60 mile speed.

On one occasion: the test subjects used their own brand of nutrition, as they would normally for an event of this nature.

On another occasion: they used the scientific nutrition strategy as detailed in the HIGH5 Nutrition Guides.

The test subjects rode 26% further (on average) using HIGH5.

This study has many implications for athletes. If a rider was just able to complete a 60 mile Sportive "feeling OK" using their current nutrition, they could step-up to a longer 90 mile distance simply by switching to HIGH5 and following the HIGH5 Nutrition Guides on the day of the event. When we say step-up, we mean that they could ride 90 miles at the same speed they would normally ride 60 and with a similar level of fatigue at the finish line.

It’s important to note that the longer the event distance (90,100,120,140 mile), the greater the potential benefit of using HIGH5. If for instance you are only just able to ride a 100 mile Sportive, you could step up to a 130 mile event with HIGH5 (at the same speed). The same principles would apply to going longer distances in Triathlon for example.

Alternatively, instead of falling off your bike as you cross the finish line after 100 miles using your own nutrition, with HIGH5 you could have enough energy to actually enjoy all 100 miles including perhaps a few sprints out front of your group, and then ride home!

The HIGH5 Nutrition Guides are free to use. They are based on the latest scientific research and guide you on the correct use of HIGH5 products. They are also easy to follow and have been fine tuned using feedback received from thousands of athletes taking part in many of the World's toughest endurance challenges. The guides are available for a range of different sports, and cover all major race distances and weather conditions - from the cold of January in the UK to the heat of an Australian summer. They also provide scientific advice on what is a correct performance enhancing dose of caffeine according to body weight and race distance. In the above study, the test subjects followed the HIGH5 Nutrition Guide for a Sportive.

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